The Company

We are a company oriented towards quality and excellence in logistics and international trade. Our activities consist of import, export, and distribution of goods. Also, the efficiency of our work is based upon careful responsible planning and on a large number of suppliers. We are certified to the ISO 9001, which we maintain through ongoing efforts to meet our customers’ demands. You can rely on our team to outsource your imports, lower costs with operations, and achieve excellent results.

Our History

We got our operations started in 2004 under the name WM Express Trading in Vitória / ES. Our early activities included logistics and financial services for imports and exports. We were swiftly able to expand our activities, thanks to the strategic location in Espírito Santo, a state which greatly benefits from its favorable geography, with efficient ports, competitive warehouses, and tax incentives. This way, we begin to include purchase and sale operations on demand, in addition to the direct distribution of products. With the expansion of our business in 2009, we opened a branch in São Paulo, and in the following year, in Santa Catarina. Later on, in 2012 we opened a branch in Rondônia, and ultimately in 2013, we started up an international representation in China.


WM Trading was founded in Espírito Santo


Beginning of operation of São Paulo office


Beginning of operation of Santa Catarina office


Beginning of operation of Rondônia office


International Representation in China to reduce time and lower costs

Vision, Mission and Values
Our Vision

Be recognized as a better experience in international trade.

Our Mission

International trade management approaching companies, adding control, commitment and effectiveness.

Our Values
  • Ethics;
  • Transparency;
  • Commitment;
  • Sustainability.

We are mostly committed to meet our customers' demand and expectations. We work with a Quality Management System and with the ISO 9001 certificate, which we use to enhance the quality of our services. We were granted a large number of licenses from regulatory agencies and bodies, such as Anvisa (food, hospital products and chemical products), Ministry of Agriculture (beverages) and ANP (petroleum and related products), which allows us to operate in several branches and segments. Here at WM Trading, we spare no effort to increase the success and competitiveness of your business.


Here at WM Trading you find solutions based on solid planning and intelligent operations management. The results are very satisfactory, reaching the best quality standards in international trade.

Financial Solutions

We have a strong market presence, which allows us to negotiate the best financial conditions for our clients. We seek the most favorable interest rates and put together the most advantageous exchange rates, lowering expenses, and increasing the profitability of your imports.

Logistics Solutions

WM TRADING assesses the best options to transport your goods safely and quickly. Through logistics planning, we are able to evaluate the fastest options for parcel transport. We also seek the ports with the best tax and fiscal conditions for your goods.

Tax Solutions

We make a detailed tax planning so as to offer best advantages and safety to our clients' operations. We thoroughly check, for example, whether the merchandise qualifies for tax exemptions, as it happens with ex-tariffs and in the drawback regime. We also review all documents, so as to prevent problems with red tape and to qualify for advantages in imports, such as tax reduction. We also look for the most advantageous transport modalities for the operation, thereby reducing time and lowering costs.

Operational Solutions

Aiming at avoiding risks and delays in deliveries, we carry out a detailed documentation planning, with analysis and rating of goods. This way, we avoid delays with customs clearance and checks. We also oversee the tax treatment of goods, getting over obstacles in red tape and achieving positive results.

Our Differential

We focus on quality. We count upon resources for running sophisticated operations, for improving our service, for controlling the process, and for monitoring customer satisfaction. Get to know the advantages and benefits of hiring us:

Bearing extensive experience in the market, we have an large number of suppliers and partners, as well as contacts in various segments of business in various parts of the world.
This way, we manage to access to the most profitable markets and the most competitive producers, meeting the highest demands with complex technical requirements.

All the activities developed here at WM Trading are founded on detailed planning, which provides safety and speed to its clients’ operations.
We also seek a competitive edge, so that their imports arrive quickly and have the best possible financial, fiscal, and tax conditions.

Our offices are located in strategic points in the Brazilian territory, in the states of ES, SP, SC and RO, so as to achieve the best logistics solutions and opportunities to transport and nationalize our clients’ cargo, reducing costs and time of delivery.
We also have a representation in China that facilitates the search for opportunities in Asian markets.

Quality is our top priority to ensure your satisfaction. We keep a Quality Management System, which allows us to get to know the opinion of our customers and improve our services.
We also work with the ISO 9001 certificate, within international quality standards. We keep programs to constantly improve our performance and service.

We are always ready and willing to serve our customers according to their specific needs. We follow and assist them in all stages of the import process, ensuring safety and agility.