Importing aircrafts and helicopters with safety and agility

What do I need to import an aircraft?

• Insurances – CASCO, LUC and RETA
• LOI (Letter of Intention)
• Aircraft number registration
• Pilot
• Prefix definition
• Purchase agreement
• Pre buy inspection
• Opening and payment of the escrow account
Owning your own plane is a dream that can be fulfilled. Despite being a complex process, if done correctly, the risks are lower. WM has experience in the business aircraft market and expertise in aeronautical laws and regulations. This results in security for the process. We have the Ato COTEPE/ICMS 32/19, which assure the calculation basis reduction of the ICMS. In Brazil, we have 15 strategically located branches to ensure the best transport costs and logistical conditions to optimize operations.
Importation benefits
The business aircraft market is growing more and more. Thus, it is possible to find a wide variety of used planes with few hours flown and in excellent condition. Another advantage is being able to review and equip the aircraft as you want to. These imports are often from the USA and the economy can reach 30%.
Import Opportunity
Currently, the USA and Brazil are the first and second place in the ranking of countries with the most owners of private planes in the world. They are jets, helicopters or turboprops for private use, which are used for commercial or even personal purposes.

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