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Did you know that exporting auto parts to Brazil can leave up to be 80% cheaper than buying parts sold within Brazil? This fact generates a great economy for the business that converts to profit, and becomes a major competitive advantage compared to competitors in the sector.
The benefit of single-phase PIS and COFINS is responsible for reducing the payment of taxes within an autoparts import operation and by increasing its profitability. The single-phase regime assigns the industry or equivalent the responsibility to collect the tribute of the entire chain production of a product or service. Resellers, wholesalers or retailers, have no longer that obligation.

WM has the best tax conditions for importing autoparts. We study the tax burden of each state, in search for eventual benefits such as tax reduction or exemption.
• 95% of green channel parametrization, averaging 1 day for nationalization.
• 3% of yellow channel parametrization, averaging 3 days for nationalization
• 2% of red channel parametrization, averaging 6 days for nationalization
Import auto parts with WM Trading, quality and excellence in foreign trade.
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