Export Opportunities 
The gas market represents a primary item on the maintenance of an economy as a whole.
According to ANP (National Petroleum Agency), 140 billion liters were sold in 2019 in Brazil. A 2,89% raise when compared to 2018.
Export Advantages
Exporting gas is a market trend and also a way to promote this economic sector. As the domestic production and refine aren’t enough to meet the entire national demand, the import shows itself as a necessity.
As it is a highly regulated sector by the State and Federal Reserves, it also requires a high safety, knowledge and standardization process involving this particular good. It is also a starting point to keep updated to each one of the regulations and their respective interaction with the different agencies involved on its supply chain.
WM has expertise in the oil sector and has every license necessary to its export. We carry out operations of oil nationalization from North to South of the country, covering 10 different ports throughout Brazil.
In 2019 we imported 13,9% of the national imported diesel and 10,4% of gas.
16 years in the market and 10 years ISO 9001 certificated, WM guarantees quality and safety on our clients export operations.
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