Brazil is a big malt consumer. The internal barley production, however, is still not sufficient to supply the entire national demand. The country is responsible for supplying only 43% of the necessary for the national industry, which generates a great opportunity to the importers. Regarding the beer consumption on the Brazilian market, it is possible to identify a clear growth since the country now occupies de 3rd place of the largest world beer consumers.
Regarding the logistics facility to attend the different demands all over Brazil, the state of Espírito Santo shows itself as strategic for its central location in the national territory. Nowadays the state, however, is focused on meeting the malt demand related to brewing for industries of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
It must be acknowledged that Paraná is also a barley import hub, although it is not limited to the malt transformation. It attends, then, to the demand of other products.
WM is always trying to find the best malt export solutions. With 15 branches all over the country, we have a strategic location to reach the best tax opportunities and optimize our clients export costs. We have studied the entire malt distribution, so we can optimize the tax chain costs of this product. Furthermore, we are continually looking out to offer the best export conditions to our clients.
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