WM Trading's compliance program ensures transparency and quality certification to all customers and partners. WM’s activities and rules comply with current laws, legal and internal policies established by the company. With the Compliance program, operations are now more protected from potential collateral damages that may occur during the import process.

WM always seeks to act ethically, in accordance with the company's Code of Conduct - a group of internal integrity, audit and reporting mechanisms and procedures.

The effective and constant application of the Code of Conduct contributes to avoid unethical attitudes, deviations, frauds, irregularities and illegal acts, ensuring the safety of all stakeholders involved in the operations.

WM provide an Exclusive Ombudsman to receive compliments, suggestions, complaints and reports of fraud and corruption. Our Ombudsman is an independent and safe portal that can be used by all of our stakeholders. 

With the Ombudsman channel is possible to report irregularities that could cause damage or impact the integrity and reputation of the company, employees, directors, investors and other interested parties. 

Beyond the Ombudsman, our Compliance Officer’s e-mail is also open to anyone who wants to report any kind of irregularity:

WM is committed to respecting the legislation to which it is subject and to apply ethical principles in its decision-making in order to maintain the integrity of the company and all our partners.

Because of its commitment to ethics in daily practice, WM was the winner of the Prêmio Integridade 2019 (Integrity Award). Recognition is the result of ongoing work to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the company's activities.
                                                                                                                             The award was presented during FestQuali, in Belo Horizonte / MG

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