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Agility in imports

The import's success depends on several variables, such as knowledge, dynamics, planning. They all influence the results of the operations in their own way. Of all these variables, the most strategic and fundamental is undoubtedly time. In imports, the motto "time is money" is a constant experience. 
Imports should be made with the least possible wait. That depends on the competitiveness of the business. Prolonged waiting on imports can be damaging. This is the case of loss of opportunity, or lack of supply. Reducing this waiting time, therefore, is vital to success. This requires knowing the various factors that influence agility in imports. 
The first factor is the goods acquisition. They must be made with available, competent, and reliable suppliers. Goods must be shipped in a timely manner, under appropriate logistics conditions. It must also comply with national requirements, so that they do not lead to doubting from the authorities. 
The next factor is logistics. Nationalization needs to be done on the basis of a comprehensive study, including the best transport modes, port capacity, and airport conditions. The plan must ensure that the goods are transported and delivered in the best possible agility conditions.
Another important and strategic factor is the parameterization. Imports should include documentary and technical preparation to avoid as far as possible customs barriers. When these obstacles occur, you must provide the answers that solve them as soon as possible. Preventing and remedying are complementary and indispensable guidelines. 
The sum of these three factors - acquisition, logistics, parameterization - determines a relevant part of import agility. Balancing them can be challenging, especially in a country like Brazil, known for its logistical bottlenecks and complex bureaucracy. Gathering expertise for this demands expertise in the field. Only a specialized company can handle these factors, gaining the agility and security necessary for success. 
This company is WM Trading. With years of presence in the industry, WM brings together the experience, the contacts and the presence necessary to add success to its imports. We have all the necessary expertise to increase the speed of your orders, gaining market presence and competitiveness for your company. 
Our offices are located in the most strategic points of the national territory. Our network of suppliers includes producers in the most advanced markets today. We use detailed logistical and documentary planning to reduce the time of travel and customs processing of your orders. 
We have the resources to reduce not only the waiting time, but also the import costs. We employ tax planning to take advantage of the best tax reduction opportunities. We use our bargaining power to achieve adequate financing conditions. With our network of suppliers, we can win advantageous discounts on freight. Everything we can do so that your orders may arrive in the best conditions possible. 
WM Trading, quality and excellence in foreign trade.

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