Agility in imports

The success of imports depends on several variables, such as knowledge, dynamics and planning. All of them influence in the results of operations in their own way. Of all these variables, the most strategic and fundamental one is time.
Exports to Brazil must be done with as less waiting as possible. Reducing this waiting time is vital to a company’s success. The main factors that must be considered to guarantee more agility on the import process are:

• Merchandise’s acquisition with the international supplier
• International freight
• Parameterization channel on the cargo’s clearance
These factors determine a relevant part of imports agility, which demands experience in the area. Only a highly capable company can achieve the necessary agility and security.
With years of presence in the sector, WM brings together the experience, contacts and necessary presence to add success to your company's imports. Today, our average parameterization is 97% on green channel, with 2 to 3 days to make the entire clearance.
Through our strategic location in various parts of the country, we reduce the time for transportation and customs processing of your orders.
We have the resources to reduce not only lead time, but also import costs. We employ tax planning to take advantage of the best tax reduction opportunities. We use our bargaining power to reach suitable financing terms. In this way, your orders are brought in in the best possible conditions.
WM Trading, innovation and excellence in international trade