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Lowering costs on imports

The import’s success depends on the ability to lower costs for purchase, transportation and cargo nationalization. This requires high investment in resources to plan and execute imports. When someone does this on your own, he/she is subject to risks. Your best option is to hire the advice of a specialized company such as WM.
To reduce import costs, caution is needed when deciding whom to import from. The supplier must offer competitive prices, supply capacity, and product quality appropriate to the national requirements. In addition, it should offer advantages such as freight discounts and friendly credit conditions. Achieving these advantages require networking and industry knowledge.
It is also necessary to verify the customs conditions of the imported product. There are times when the product receives benefits like tax exemption or tax reduction. These benefits may or may not be available throughout the national territory. The importer must pay attention to these changes, an effort that demands search and information analysis.
Next, the best form of nationalization needs to be evaluated. The importer must choose the state in which he or she will receive the most benefits, or whose logistics will reduce transportation costs. For this, it is necessary to be positioned strategically in the national territory. It also requires knowing and monitoring the conditions in each part of that territory.
Finally, the importer needs to be alert to bureaucratic demands on imported goods. It is necessary to be meticulous regarding technical barriers, documentary demands, correct provision of information, and classification of the merchandise. Here practice is one of the most precious resources. It allows understanding, unraveling and even remedying customs barriers.
All these variables - place of import, customs conditions, place of nationalization, bureaucratic requirements - can be difficult to deal with. Acting on its own, sooner or later the importer may slip, losing the chance of lowering import costs. In more disadvantageous situations, the importer may even increase the order costs, on which fines and delays can be incurred.
If it is decided to invest in these resources, the importer may still suffer losses. To import safely, it takes heavy investment in the service. This means that the importer will divert resources from his/her middle activities to invest in his/her end activities. The goal of lowering import costs is thus hampered: these investments will be costly.
In order to avoid this kind of situation, the importer can always count on the services of WM Trading, a company with years of experience consolidated in imports. We offer all the knowledge, intelligence, planning and analysis your business needs to import with minimal risk and maximum benefits.
We have an extensive network of suppliers, located in competitive markets, capable of offering advantages such as differentiated prices, discounts on freight and adequate credit conditions. We have offices in strategic locations within 15 states in the Brazilian territory, being able to enjoy the best possible form of logistic and tax advantageous conditions.
We have more resources to lower costs on imports. We carry out extensive planning of your orders, from documentation to nationalization. We make a careful classification of goods, bypassing customs barriers and obtaining possible tax benefits. With our prestige in the financial market, we obtain financing compatible with the characteristics of your business. All to reduce costs and increase profits in your business.
WM Trading, quality and excellence in foreign trade.