Reducing costs on aircraft imports

Tax planning is essential for imports, especially aircrafts. The tax authorities can impose heavy tariffs on the sector. Reducing the tax burden is crucial to the success of this type of operation, which is one of the most complex and challenging.
We can help your company through all the tax planning to aircrafts nationalization in Brazil. We are included in Ato Cotepe/ICMS 32/19, which reduces the ICMS tax base on imported airplanes and helicopters. With this, we achieved strategic tax reductions. In addition, we carry out all stages of the import.
Another important point is the aircraft insurance. Our recommendation, as specialists, is to always hire CASCO and LUC insurance together, protecting the insured asset and eventual damages that may occur due to a possible accident. In addition, there is also the RETA insurance which protects passengers, crew and their luggage.
Regarding the documents necessary to export an aircraft, below are a few examples:

• Invoice
• Bill of sale
• Aircraft purchase agreement
• Export certificate of airworthiness
• International insurance

Among others. We conduct the international dispatch in both airports – of export and import – and the pre buy inspection of the aircraft.
With all that we guarantee a fast, safe, and transparent aeronautical dispatch. We also perform high logistical, exchange and documentary planning to aircraft exports and imports. With our innovative environment and service performance, we reach and bring the best of the international market for you.
Thinking about importing aircrafts? Contact us. We will be happy to help you.
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