Account and Order Operations

WM’s account and order operation allows you to optimize your import’s results through sophisticated and experienced management. This operation differs from the purchase and sale by order mostly on the responsibility of the payments made to the supplier involved. In case of the purchase and sale by order, the financial disbursement must necessarily be from WM. In the account and order operation, this does not become a rule.
We represent and guide your company in all stages of importat process: we do all the document’s check, booking, shipment, customs clearance, and subsequent nationalization of the goods. We prevent customs and logistical difficulties through extensive planning of documents and activities.
We integrate management with constant innovations in our daily procedures. In this way, we can achieve a high level of specialization with faster and more efficient decision-making process. We have a specialized team that will assist you through the entire operation. Your company enjoys all the experience, knowledge, and dynamism that WM's expertise can add to its operations.

WM Trading, innovation and excellence in international trade
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