Customs, logistics and fiscal advice

We guide your company to manage your orders
Brazilian import requirements can be challenging. With WM, your company can overcome these challenges through efficient advice, consolidated by years of experience in foreign trade. Your process will be backed up by the best options and opportunities pointed out by our professionals. They constantly monitor agreements, port capacity and other resources that benefit your business.
• Detailed document planning
Preparation for eventual red channel conferences
• Clearance within 3 days in the green channel, which occurs in 98% of cases
• Extensive research to choose the state with the most favorable tax incentive for your company
• Evaluation of logistical conditions at all ports, reducing waiting time expenses such as storage and demurrage
• Strategically located in 15 Brazilian states, allowing to detect and offer the best options for transport and cargo nationalization
Fiscal and tax
• Meeting legal requirements with our tax planning
• Correct good’s classification to optimize and fasten the cargo’s nationalization
Monitoring opportunities for possible tax benefits
Count on WM Trading's customs, logistics, and tax advice, innovation and excellence in international trade.
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