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International Trade

Trust WM Trading to import and export your products. With quality and excellence in foreign trade, you can find better deals with WM, a company with solid experience in the market. Founded in 2004, we have developed high knowledge, expertise and know-how in orders of every size, type and complexity. We can bring to your company positive and adequate results in imports and exports; adding value, creating differentials and competitiveness to your business. That may be reached even with a reduction of costs and expenses that only our specialization in the sector can offer.

Strategic location
Our offices are located in 15 Brazilian states, occupying strategic points of the national logistics. We thus detect the best conditions for the nationalization of your orders, ensuring safety assessment, tax incentives, logistics conditions and operations capacity.

We employ detailed planning in all stages of your imports and exports, from purchase to nationalization. This way improving security and performance in your operations, performing your business in the best possible and available conditions.

Operating Capacity
We bring together knowledge and resources for large and sophisticated operations. We have practice with customs requirements of high complexity, and the tools required to make its entire planning and checking. We study and know the technical standards for products with complex demands and documents, such as chemicals and machinery. We add security to your operations, reducing the possibilities of technical or bureaucratic obstacles.

We have developed solid technical and documentary skills throughout the years, adding greater security to your processes. We employ sophisticated documentary planning to prevent and remedy barriers.

With a high negotiation power on the financial market, WM can find better conditions that will be used in favor of your company. Thus, we are constantly in search to find the best exchange and financing conditions for your business. We also have prestige among high capacity suppliers. This allows us to obtain strategic advantages such as adequate credit conditions, delivery times and discounts on freights for our operations.

Our team is composed with 5 tax lawyers who act in the federal as well as the state areas, with the goal of providing greater security and tax planning. We carry out extensive research to ensure that your imports receive the best tax treatment available. Our planning is done by a body of tax lawyers and a billing team with accountants specialized in taxation. Thus, we can conduct a thorough tax assessment at both the federal and state levels. Among other possibilities, we look for ports and states with an adequate tax burden, reduction of ICMS on import and other eventual benefits.

We have an extensive network of suppliers and partners, located in dynamic markets. With them, we can obtain strategic advantages as freight discount, competitive prices, delivery availability and high quality, within the standards of national technical requirements.

Our offices are located in strategic points of the national territory, 15 to be more precise. We thus improved the process of nationalizing your cargo by easily detecting ports, manners and states with the best logistical and tax conditions for your imports.

All of our work is focused on our customer satisfaction. We have received external quality control audits of BSI (Quality Management System) and BDO (financial). We perform internal quality control through periodic audits performed by a specialized internal team. We use international quality standards, based on our ISO 9001 quality certificate. We inform our clients about the progress of the operations through constant and real time follow ups. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys, which we use to improve our results.

Import or export with WM Trading, quality and excellence in foreign trade.
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