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Purchase and Sale By Order

We are responsible for all the import procedures required for your process.

The complexity of the international market and the Brazilian customs generates several kinds of risks when importing. To manage that risk, let WM Trading deal with it. Your company only needs to acquire the cargo after nationalization. All the effort is made entirely by WM Trading, a highly specialized company in international trade, with years of experience in the sector.

We plan every detail at each stage of the import. We cover purchase, logistics, documentation and more, ensuring at every stage all the security and benefits allowed by the Brazilian laws. We have competent suppliers in competitive and advanced markets. We have advantages such as reduction in freight and adequate credit conditions.  

Our logistics planning increases the speed and success of operations. We have detected the different modalities and the most appropriate locations for each cargo nationalization, adding agility to your operation and eventual tax reduction. With our detailed planning, we facilitate the customs procedures. The documentation is ready for any type of parameterization, avoiding or even overcoming challenges in the best way possible.     

Using our classification of goods, your imports are described accurately and safely according to Brazilian laws and avoiding fines and surprises. We are constantly studying the possibilities of obtaining tax incentives on imports, such as tax reduction and tax exemption. Also, we study the best ways to nationalize your cargo. We verify the tax and logistics conditions in different parts of the country, in search for the best conditions possible. With all these features, we can make your purchase and sale by order a success.  

Perform your purchase and sale by order with WM Trading, quality and excellence in foreign trade.
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